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For Wealth Advisors

An Open letter for wealth advisors:

Dear wealth advisor, CFP, attorney or CPA,

Do you have clients who use Quicken? Do you have unorganized clients who should be using Quicken?

I am a Quicken Expert. I specialize in the user training, program troubleshooting and file maintenance of Quicken and QuickBooks.  I develop personal accounting systems that leverage the power of these complementary programs.  The result: a comprehensive net-worth view, accurate real-time valuation reports, tax compliant records and clients who know where and on what they spent their money.

As a wealth advisor your clients’ value your ability to stay on track with their goals. Organized finances facilitate more efficient and productive discussions and better client engagement.  You ultimately will gain a richer perspective of your clients’ finances.

I have helped organize and reconcile clients with a combined net-worth of over $500 million-from individuals looking to budget and track spending to high net-worth families tracking complex portfolios.  Clients site the hallmarks of my service as: simplicity, accuracy, and peace of mind in knowing where there money is and how it’s doing. 

Encourage your clients to get financially organized by using Quicken or QuickBooks.  Please review the details below of my wealth partner program.  Contact me via phone or email to request brochures that you can share with your clients or to discuss my services in more detail.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen M. Smith, CPA
Quicken Expert & Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor



Wealth Advisor Partner Program

Your clients work hard for their money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to accurately track and monitor assets and liabilities.  Tax-saving vehicles and strategies also demand detailed and compliant financial records.  Yet as a successful individuals and business owners their time is limited. 

Controllership Solutions LLC provides customized, turnkey personal accounting services to clients who want to organize their finances without the burden of learning a new program, monotonous data entry, and troubleshooting problematic reconciliations.  We coordinate -not compete with- investment advisors, financial planners, tax accountants, and legal counsel.   I work with client’s existing financial and professional relationships to maintain accurate accounting on a fee for service model with no conflicts of interest.
  1. I don’t pick investments: I track them. 
  2. I don’t do taxes: I organize and provide needed reports.
  3. I don’t practice law or set up trusts: I insure compliance by maintaining proper records.

Quicken is used by millions of individuals with a variety of investing needs. The power of Quicken is its ability to process data, from multiple sources, into convenient customized reports.  Richer client data allow you to offer a more holistic approach to wealth management.  However, to reach this broader level of service, your clients must be able to provide accurate financial information.  This is where Controllership Solutions LLC excels – I speak the language of Quicken, ensuring data is entered properly and customizing the system to each clients specific needs.  This results in more accurate knowledge of investment performance, asset allocation, spending and real-time net worth.

Services include one-time instructional start-up visits as well as troubleshooting assistance.  For higher net worth individuals, I offer a full-service “Controller for Hire” personal accounting program. This is a customized turnkey solution to organize, reconcile, and report data to client stakeholders with both accuracy and timeliness.  The Controller for Hire program allows clients to have an expert CPA as their personal CFO with real-time 24 hour access to their data via secure remote servers.

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