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Start-up Instructional Visit

Just like your business, your books are most vulnerable at the early stages.  Time is money…and must be spent wisely.  Most clients learn the basics in just a few hours, saving them hours of troubleshooting later on down the road.  By using Controllership Solutions LLC services early on, you can allow yourself the time and energy to focus on bringing in new business.  Plus, you ensure that your bookkeeping is handled correctly right from the start.  Proper setup of the chart of accounts, general preferences, assignment of classes, creation of items, and the set-up of inventory is crucial to the long term benefits of QuickBooks©.

Controllership Solutions LLC experts will guide you through the start-up process so you can quickly and efficiently start-up your business knowing that your books have a solid foundation.  Beyond QuickBooks©, Controllership Solutions LLC works with you and your staff to develop an organized system of processing the work flow.  Advice is provided on making bins, and files to track the paper work from creation to retention as well as recording and tracking it.

Smith is an Advanced QuickBooks© Pro-Advisor® and can walk you through the process, step-by-step, and thoroughly explain the implications of setting up your accounting system the right way versus the wrong way.  He’ll review the cost vs. benefit of keeping a detailed track of inventory, deciding whether to segregate expenses by company divisions, determining how to email customer invoices, and more.

Right from the beginning you can utilize the potential of the software program for everything it can help you with.

In just a few hours you can quickly and efficiently learn to:
  • Print invoices, credit memos, and checks
  • Track accounts receivables and payables
  • Record sales orders, purchase orders and inventory items
  • Print reports, and balance bank statements


Like your business, your accounting is the most vulnerable in the beginning.
Get off to a good start.    

  • Customize QuickBooks© to your own needs.
  • You’ve purchased a great program, the more functions you confidently use, the greater your results will be.
  • In just one day, most clients can effectively use QuickBooks©.
Quicken Services
Quicken ServicesYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities. OUR service is YOUR peace of mind
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QuickBooks Services
QuickBooks Services“Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. Most entrepreneurs cite cash flow and unclear finances as major sources of aggravation, loss of time, and distractions from core competencies.“
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Success Stories
"Finally, I feel comfortable with my finances. Stephen Smith has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. For years I did not have an accurate account or control of my finances across multiple accounts. Now I sleep better and feel comforted knowing where my retirement money is invested and how it’s doing.”
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