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Scaling and Stretching QuickBooks

Your company recognizes the benefits of good recordkeeping.  However, as you increase staff and business, existing manual processes are also increasing.  In turn, burdensome manual data entry and report creation is inhibiting the ability of management to timely review financial data and understand the financial future of the business. 

However, a jump to costly and complex enterprise software programs would draw significant resources and energy from core competencies at a vulnerable time in your business life cycle.  When properly selected and utilized, the right software provides strong returns on investment and serves as the foundation of scalable enterprise businesses

Growth is good, and fortunately there are hundreds of third-party software applications that integrate with QuickBooks.  Intuit specifically approves developers to design programs to address growth pain points within its accounting ecosystems.  This stretches the capabilities of QuickBooks before needing a premature system upgrade. 

The Controllership Solutions “QuickBooks stretching solution” service includes:

  1. Selection of appropriate cost beneficial software.
  2. Installation of software.
  3. Training staff on proper usage.
  4. Ongoing troubleshooting/maintenance of programs.
  5. Monthly reporting, presentation and discussion of firm financial performance. 

Keeping abreast of the latest accounting and bookkeeping software technologies are investment that I make in myself and my business so I can provide you with the latest financial management solutions.  It is my job and passion to keep abreast of the latest software technologies designed to streamline and increase efficiency. 

I review and research software programs and select best in class third-party software applications that integrate with QuickBooks. 

Specifically, these programs typically yield the following benefits:

    • Significant time savings.
    • Lower risk of data-entry errors.
    • Convenient web-based employee time entry.
    • Efficient time approval process.
    • Integrated project time tracking.
    • Stable QB integration from Intuit Gold Developers
    • Deeper insight into business metrics
    • Benchmarking statistics.
    • 24x7 real-time web-based accessibility to key data.
    • benefits typically provided in a “green” –i.e. paperless platform.


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