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Monthly Controllership Services

You have already invested in great accounting software-and business-so you owe it to yourself to maximize that investment.  Controllership Solutions LLC helps many small businesses keep CURRENT and ACCURATE bookkeeping records.  Records and reports that provide valuable, real-time insight into the business’s cash flow, budgeting, collections, and more!

Controllership services allow you to have a CPA as your Controller.

Controllership Solutions LLC takes pride in providing management with valuable financial advice, customized financial reports, and the assurance that their books are reconciled and accurate.
Controllership Solutions LLC gladly works with your existing bookkeeper, assistant, or accounting clerk, who enters the day to day data entry and processes the work; but needs a QB expert to assist with problematic transactions, reconcile tricky accounts, and create specialized reports including:
  • Budget to actual Profit and Loss
  • Job or department profitability
  • Fixed-asset depreciation schedules
  • Owner Investment/ Draw
  • Product Serial Number Sold
  • Inventory on Hand

Running a small business is one of the most exciting challenges you can undertake and one of the toughest. The businesses that succeed are the ones that stay on top of their finances. In fact, tracking where your money is coming from and where it is going is one of the most important steps you can take to help guarantee that your business becomes a success story, not a statistic.

However, with all that you have to do to attract new customers while serving your existing customers, it is often the bookkeeping that loses the emphasis it needs. This means that while you are focusing on other aspects of business, money is lost, accounts are mismanaged, and bills are left unpaid.  Poor bookkeeping costs money.  Maintaining good financial records the first time is less costly and less time consuming than fixing mistakes later or after it’s too late...

But spending more time on the books and less time on running the business, managing staff, or enjoying all that you’ve worked for isn’t effective either.

Hiring a costly, qualified full-time bookkeeper prematurely can be a tremendous financial burden for work that is better handled on an as-needed basis.  There are also continuity risks associated with hiring an individual bookkeeper, traditionally a high-turnover position.

These problems have a solution. There is a better way…

Controllership Solutions LLC allows you to have a CPA expert as your controller.

  • Monthly “check-ups” keep your bookkeeping current. It is easier to stay ahead than fall behind.
  • For accounting to be useful, it has to be accurate.  Regular visits guarantee that immaterial differences don’t become material ones.
  • Customized reports and fresh ideas from a new perspective can help your business. 
Your success is our success!
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