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Advanced Features: Get More out of QuickBooks©

If you already use QuickBooks©, are you using its full capabilities?  Most businesses use less than 25% of its functionality.  Leverage the power of QuickBooks©, and take your business to the next level by utilizing QuickBooks© to its full potential.

By providing strategic, high-level expertise to customize the program to meet your needs, Controllership Solutions LLC will help you address and answer the following questions:
  • Which jobs are profitable?
  • Are you tracking your employees’ time?
  • Does your Chart of Accounts make sense for your business?
  • Which division or area of your business makes the most money?
  • Do you know who your best--and most profitable--customers are? 
  • How much money are you making on each of your products and services?

QuickBooks© is a powerful program with many time-saving features. 
  • Examples of valuable time-savers that can be done DIRECTLY THROUGH QUICKBOOKS© :
    • Print checks
    • Process credit card and debit cards
    • Pay invoices, bills, other expenses online
    • Manage in-house payroll with tools and tax tables
    • Manage employee information and legal requirements
    • Download customer credit check reports from Dun & Bradstreet
    • Save time on billing by shipping with FedEx and UPS
    • Email invoices, quotes, reminders, and customer reports
    • Download business banking information with online banking
    • Customize invoices and correspondences with corporate logos, legal disclaimers, and special information fields
    • Back up all your important business information online automatically and securely

Saving time is only part of the benefit. 
By properly tracking and organizing all your business information in one place, QuickBooks© can generate reports that:

    • Show you where you’re making and spending your money.
    • Tell you who owes you money, who you owe, and when.
    • Track sales, purchase orders, open quotations.
    • Tell you how your business is doing with a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Sales and much more with specific dates, divisions, and customer identification.
    • Choices for personal customization and options for your reports are endless!


Choices for personal customization and options for your reports are endless!
Quicken Services
Quicken ServicesYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities. OUR service is YOUR peace of mind
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QuickBooks Services
QuickBooks Services“Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. Most entrepreneurs cite cash flow and unclear finances as major sources of aggravation, loss of time, and distractions from core competencies.“
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Success Stories
"Finally, I feel comfortable with my finances. Stephen Smith has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. For years I did not have an accurate account or control of my finances across multiple accounts. Now I sleep better and feel comforted knowing where my retirement money is invested and how it’s doing.”
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Why Sundial?
Sundials have been used for millennia to track time.  Seemingly simple devices, in reality, sundials draw upon the complexities of nature and our universe to quantify time. 
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