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Q. If I hire Controllership Solutions LLC, will I still need an accountant?
A: Yes. Controllership Solutions LLC practice specializes exclusively on Quicken & QuickBooks consulting and does not do taxes or audit work. It is strongly recommended that all clients retain the services of an accountant and/or tax attorney. Controllership Solutions LLC will work with them to prepare everything to their needs, thus save you money on their (higher) fees during tax preparation. Your current accountant will be grateful for the accurate data available to help you build more wealth.

Q: Can Stephen M. Smith CPA be my accountant and file my taxes?
A: No. As a matter of best business practice, all clients are advised to retain independent accounting and tax services. Additionally, audits, reviews, and compilations are not performed; nor are opinions provided on your financial statements. Controllership Solutions LLC works as a fiduciary on your behalf to provide assistance to you and your outside accountants.

Q: What other accounting programs can I receive help with?
Stephen M. Smith has experience working with Mint.com for personal accounting as well as Peachtree, NetSuite and Microsoft Office Accounting (discontinued). For Mac users, later versions of QuickBooks are supported but Quicken for Mac is not recommended.

Q: What is a personal accounting “Controller for Hire?”
Also known as personal accountants, bookkeepers, daily money managers, personal CFO, personal financial assistants, or financial organizers our “Controller for Hire” program provides clients the information they need to have peace of mind that their finances are organized and accounted for.  Note: Controllership Solutions LLC professionals are not financial planners, do not prepare taxes, and do not sell insurance or other financial products.

Q: How much time is required?
The time required depends on the complexity of your business as well as the level of detail you desire in your reporting. Typically, set-ups and initial visits take a complete working day. Recurring controllership visits depend on your ability to keep your records accurate given your time constraints, ability, and interest. Visits can be scheduled as seldom or frequently as necessary from weekly to annually.

Q:  Can Controllership Solutions LLC network and set up my computer system?
  Controllership Solutions LLC can install programs and network QuickBooks© users on existing peer-to-peer or client-server-based systems. Our experts have experience networking some systems but recommend that your network administrator be present for the installation. If you would like your business network to take advantage of QuickBooks© multi-user capabilities, then we partner with excellent network administrators and small business computer support personnel. They can assist you with hardware and software purchases as well as one-time secure network installations.

Q: What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor®?
A: A QuickBooks ProAdvisor® is an expert in QuickBooks© installation, setup, payroll, reporting, troubleshooting, and other day-to-day functions of the software.

A Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® has completed extensive training in QuickBooks® and obtained required high scores on multiple comprehensive tests. 

A QUICKBOOKS ONLINE Pro-Advisor has taken the QBO tests and is familiar with the online product.
An ADVANCED QUICKBOOKS ONLINE Pro-Advisor has taken a rigourous 5 part exam to become proficient in the QBO product.

An ENTERPRISE certified QuickBooks© Pro-Advisor® has taken additional courses and passed an exam specific to QB’s Enterprise products.

A POINT OF SALE certified QuickBooks© Pro-Advisor® has taken additional courses and passed an exam specific to QB’s POS product.

An ADVANCED QuickBooks© Pro-Advisor® has taken additional comprehensive courses and passed a rigorous exam. This Advanced designation is held by only 3% percent of all QuickBooks ProAdvisors®
The Principal, Stephen M. Smith CPA, has been certified since 2005 and Advanced certified since it’s inaugural year in 2007 and certified in Enterprise, Point of Sale and QuickBooks Online (Advanced) products.

Q: Does Controllership Solutions LLC guarantee my privacy?
Absolutely. Discretion, security and privacy are required of CPAs and are of utmost importance to the firm. Accordingly, our third party dedicated servers are secure; all employees sign a confidentiality agreement.

Q: Aren’t QuickBooks and Quicken basic accounting programs?
A: Yes and No. While they are affordable with a reputation for ease of use they can also be used as powerful accounting tools that, when configured properly, are capable of providing solutions to numerous database and financial pain-points. (See case study: Can QuickBooks run a billion dollar company?)

Q: What are your rates?
A: Controllership Solutions LLC fees are reasonable and typically less than half the cost of full-service accounting firms, who often charge more to reorganize records at year end and rarely have the time to correct your books. Furthermore, these services are significantly less than the costs associated with hiring, training and retaining a qualified full-time full-charge bookkeeper. Controllership Solutions bills by the visit and only for services provided with no retainer charges. Clients are encouraged to take on as much of the work load as their time and interest allows.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. Controllership Solutions LLC carries Accountants Professional Liability insurance of $1 million.

Q: Why the Sundial?
A: Click Here

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