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Controllership Solutions LLC was founded by Stephen M. Smith to achieve a simple mission:
Use Quicken© & QuickBooks© to
organize personal & business finances and
alleviate financial stress.

Stephen M. SmithYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities.  Tax-saving vehicles and strategies also demand detailed and compliant financial records. Yet as a successful individual or business owner your time is limited. Cash flow, data-entry and unclear finances are major sources of aggravation. These inefficiencies can distract you from your core competencies. Meanwhile, the ability to have accurate financial records determines the quality of your investing and business results and, ultimately, the level of success you achieve.

The professionals at Controllership Solutions LLC simplify your accounting cycle by providing expert Quicken© and QuickBooks© services. We specialize in supporting the needs of high net worth families and mid-size businesses looking to benefit from the potential of these powerful programs. We coordinate -not compete with- investment advisors, financial planners, tax accountants, and legal counsel. We work with a client’s existing financial and professional relationships to maintain accurate accounting on a fee for service model with no conflicts of interest.

Ultimately, OUR service is YOUR peace of mind. Controllership Solutions LLC simplifies your financial picture enabling you to monitor investments and business transactions that might otherwise elude appropriate action due to lack of timely information. Our customized turnkey solutions relieve you of the numerous tasks associated with managing personal wealth or business bookkeeping, allowing you to do what you do best.

Controllership Solutions LLC services include one-time on-site instructional start-up visits, troubleshooting “clean-up” assistance, and regularly scheduled controllership visits.

Controllership Solutions LLC is headquartered in Morristown, NJ, just 30 miles west of New York City. We carry AICPA Professional Liability Insurance of $1 million. Appointments are conducted at the client’s place of business or home. Services may also be provided remotely via the internet.

Controllership Solutions LLC prides itself on providing financial peace-of-mind with superior service and accurate accounting. Building business is building relationships. Stephen M. Smith is confident that he will earn your trust, maintain order in your records, and provide real-time awareness of your personal and business finances alleviating stress.

Quicken Services
Quicken ServicesYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities. OUR service is YOUR peace of mind
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QuickBooks Services
QuickBooks Services“Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. Most entrepreneurs cite cash flow and unclear finances as major sources of aggravation, loss of time, and distractions from core competencies.“
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Success Stories
"Finally, I feel comfortable with my finances. Stephen Smith has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. For years I did not have an accurate account or control of my finances across multiple accounts. Now I sleep better and feel comforted knowing where my retirement money is invested and how it’s doing.”
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